Check out my multimedia documentary project Peace Corps Voices.

The hour-long public radio special features volunteers' recordings made in the field during the 50 years of the Peace Corps and archive audio from President John F. Kennedy and President George H. W. Bush.

About Me


From Argentina to Alaska, California to Massachusetts, I have explored the stories of people I've met. My work ranges from daily news reports to magazine features, hosting a weekly public radio health program to essay writing.

My stories have appeared in national magazines such as Discover, Real Simple and Relish and in newspapers including the Boston Globe, New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle.

Radio features I've produced have aired nationally on programs such as All Things Considered, Living on Earth, Marketplace, Morning Edition, Only a Game and Weekend Edition.

Feedback from my editors includes:

"Amy was assigned a challenging cover story… she pulled it off fabulously."

"You do a great job with the descriptive writing and really take me there."

Sources have said:

"You write beautifully. I am grateful to you for the interesting way you wrote about the work."

"I don't recall if I got the chance to thank you for writing such a thorough and accurate article... You really invested a lot of time and got the story just right."

"A wonderful and detailed article…"

As a freelance journalist, I pursue stories that intrigue me. Visit my Clips page for examples of my work.

Read my essay "Julian Steele, My Grandmother, and Me" in the anthology Fits, Starts & Matters of the Heart: 28 True Stories of Love, Loss & Everything in Between.

My CD, Celia's Alaska: Pioneer Stories of Denali, is still available.

Contact me: amy[at]amymayerwrites[dot]com



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